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Medical Case Management

Odin Industries maintains a global presence, enabling us to offer comprehensive claimant medical case management services spanning from the initiation of a case to the point of maximum medical improvement. Our dedicated case managers collaborate closely with our local field agents on-site, diligently overseeing the treatment plan, cost projections, appointment scheduling, and delivering timely, detailed reporting.

Key Services:

Field Agent Services:

We ensure that claimants receive the necessary support during medical appointments, providing vital guidance and assistance.

Collection and Translation of Records:

Our team handles the collection and translation of essential medical records, facilitating seamless communication between parties.  We manage the efficient delivery of all required forms and documentation, maintaining compliance and expediting the process.

Communication with Local Medical Providers and Physicians:

We act as intermediaries, fostering effective communication with local medical practitioners and physicians to ensure optimal care for claimants.

Cost Projections:

Our experts provide precise cost projections, aiding in budgeting and financial planning throughout the claim process.

Medical Monitoring:

We monitor the progress of medical treatments and interventions, ensuring adherence to the treatment plan and making necessary adjustments as required.

Medical Referrals and Appointments:

We facilitate medical referrals and coordinate essential appointments to streamline the claimant's healthcare journey.

Medical Translations:

Our language experts bridge the gap by providing accurate medical translations, ensuring a clear understanding between all parties.

PPD Rating:

We assist in determining Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) ratings, a critical element in claim assessments.

International Medical Examinations:

We arrange and coordinate international medical examinations when necessary, offering a seamless and comprehensive healthcare solution.

Global Cashless Medical Networks:

We establish and manage cashless medical networks, simplifying access to medical services while minimizing claim-related costs.

With Odin Industries, you can trust in our global capabilities, efficient collaboration, and commitment to providing exceptional medical case management services from start to finish.

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