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Customer Spotlight - Air Solution LLC

Today I sat down with Robin Bradbury, the CEO of one of our first clients. Air Solution is a medical billing company focused on the air ambulance market. The company is the fastest growing revenue cycle management company in the air ambulance space. Air Solution is receiving national attention in various press outlets. We talked about the company, competitive differentiators, and how Odin Industries has helped the company grow.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from Brigham Young University and received a Masters from the University of Utah. Immediately thereafter I went to work at Deloitte in Denver, Colorado. After 8 years with Deloitte I did financial consulting work and acted as a CFO with various companies. In 1998, I founded Resolution Consulting, Inc. (a revenue cycle management company in the rural and community hospital space) which I owned and served as the CEO for 22 years and eventually sold the company to QHR Health in 2020. I co-founded Air Solution in 2019 and am currently the CEO.

Tell us a little about Air Solution.

Air Solution was founded in 2019 taking my billing background with Resolution and Bobby Higginson’s knowledge of the Air Ambulance industry to create a company that does evaluation, billing and collection work for air ambulance operators throughout the world. Our specific focus is to insure that air ambulance operators are paid appropriately by insurance companies for the critical assistance they provide to patients in need of air ambulance medical evacuation.

What are your key differentiators in the market?

We bring best practices from the hospital revenue cycle market to the air ambulance billing market. This is coupled with extensive operator experience and unique evaluation and appeal expertise. Our goal is to avoid surprises to an air ambulance operator by knowing what the expected reimbursement will be prior to going wheels up. In addition, we have the strongest appeal experience in the industry.

How do you stay on top of emerging trends in your business area?

There are many sources for keeping abreast of emerging trends including conference attendance and presentations, membership in AAMS and deep experience in the industry. We have the premiere legal guru in the industry in Kelly LoCascio who acts as of Counsel to our company and is one of the leading experts in the industry. Kelly continually informs us of the ever-changing legal landscape in this industry.

What principles do you use when engaging in long-term strategic planning? How do you incorporate these principles into business development?

Our goal is to become the leading air ambulance billing company. To that end, we feel we are constantly proving the worth of our services to our clients and potential clients. We are willing to take claims that have been tossed out and work them to completion. We want to earn the business and continually prove that the resources we employ and our experience cannot be replicated.

Recent changes to surprise billing legislation dramatically impacted billing practices for air ambulance providers. How did Air Solution address this?

From our perspective, the surprise billing legislation improved our service offering as we will never bill a patient for services provided. Our clients know up front what reimbursement will come from the insurance company and they may collect a deposit from the patient prior to the flight. Our process allows for transparency of costs to each party.

What does the future hold for Air Solution?

Significant growth has occurred in the past two years as many clients have been attracted to our process and service offering. We will continue to tout those attributes as we continue our exponential growth and become the leader in this industry.

How has Odin Industries helped your business?

Odin Industries has been instrumental in the growth of Air Solution LLC. We have worked with Ryan in a advisory role since November of last year. His business development skills are unique due to his experience of being an owner/operator that allow him to understand our clients. Unlike many business development partners that I have used over the years; Ryan not only assesses the client needs and crafts the appropriate solution but also takes ownership of the relationship after the sale to insure that what was sold is delivered. I expect that Air Solution’s success is and will be dependent on Ryan’s unique skillset.

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