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New Challenges

A close friend told me that I needed to write more and share my story. I figured I would start with the story of how Odin Industries started. Last year was a challenge for all of us. I was certainly no exception to this state. Like everyone else I struggled with the isolation and dramatic changes to my routine. I consistently found myself unhappy with my employment role for a variety of reasons. The company no longer reflected my vision and I no longer felt aligned with the strategy or culture.

I left a company that I founded during unprecedented economic turmoil. It was a difficult decision to leave an organization that I had brought from an idea to an acquisition. I had watched it grow and cared deeply for the people who worked for me. However, I believe the decision to move on was the right one.

I found myself having to reinvent myself. I knew I wanted to create a company that fostered innovation and collaboration. I wanted to build something that provided upward mobility for everyone that worked for me. I had a strong reputation for sales and business development across my network. I started to receive a number of calls looking for assistance with business development, strategy, and sales support. It became very clear to me that there are limited resources to help small to medium-sized business with sales.

I am proud of what we have built with Odin. We provide a cost effective platform for small business owners to scale across a variety of industries. We have expanded from the company being a single person entity to a growing company with expertise in sales, SEO, marketing, and funding options. Every day we get to help people achieve their dreams. I believe that is a pretty amazing way to earn a living. Over the next few blog posts I will be introducing some of our clients and showcasing their unique brands. I look forward to sharing their stories with you.

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